3+ Processing. Raw Materials or High Added Value
September 10th 2021, 10:00-11:30
Today Russia mainly exports raw materials, while developed countries and, for example, new hubs in Asia create and distribute higher value-added products, thus earning extra points in GDP.

Experts estimate that soon the share of the raw materials sector in the world economy will steadily decrease, stimulating the development of the processing sector. At the same time, investments in resource extraction in Russia today exceed those in processing by almost three times. The share of Russian products of 3-4 levels of processing of raw materials does not surpass 1-2% of global production.

At the moment, we are already losing leadership in the production of minerals. Moreover, lagging behind commodity-dependent countries in the level of processing has become critical. In this regard, the development of deep processing of raw materials is becoming the main goal for the extractive industry in Russia.

How to ensure efficient development of the deep processing field? How to increase investment attractiveness and improve cash flow in this direction? Which sectors should be prioritized? Which deep processing projects are being successfully implemented in Russia, and how to scale up their success?

Elena Kovaleva
, Vice President and Head of Economy of Monopolies Department at СSR (Center for Strategic Research)

Invited speakers:
Viktor Evtukhov, State Secretary – Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
Evgenia Serova, Director for Agricultural Policy at HSE University
Irina Snegovaya, Executive Director of the National Institute of Strategic Development, Management of Risks and Efficiency
Ildar Shaikhutdinov, Director General of the Institute of Financial Business Development