Plenary discussion "The Economy of Russia: in Anticipation of Growth "
September 10th 2021, 12:00-14:00
The events of the first half of 2021 show that the pace of recovery of economic growth, globally and in Russia, is under threat - the World Health Organization has officially announced the third wave of the pandemic. At the same time, the inevitability of overcoming the consequences of the crisis highlights the "blind spots" typical of the Russian economy (imbalance in favor of raw materials sector, high personal income inequality, insufficient technologization, regional budgets deficit, lack of capital for development projects, lack of fiscal incentives, underinvestment).

At the same time, the measures taken by other countries to "inject" money into the economy triggered inflationary pressures, which seriously affected the economy of Russia.

An additional factor influencing economic processes is the widespread adoption of the ESG concept, focus on sustainable development and inclusiveness, plans to introduce cross-border environmental taxes. When determining the vectors of development, Russia also needs to take into account the green agenda and the principles of responsible investment.

What economic model does Russia need under the new conditions? How to ensure a successful recovery from the consequences of the pandemic and switch to the path of sustainable non-resource growth?

The plenary discussion will be devoted to the scenarios of overcoming stagnation, the development of measures aimed at sustainable growth of Russia's economy, finding a way to overcome new challenges.

Format topics:

  • How to ensure high-quality economic development and achieve sustainable non-resource growth?
  • How to effectively adapt regional economies to the new post-COVID reality?
  • Identifying new areas of growth for the Russian economy
  • Increasing the investment attractiveness of the Russian economy and the regions of the country
  • Business in a post-pandemic world. How to effectively support and strengthen the business environment in the Russian Federation?

Discussion moderator:

Boris Titov, Presidential Commissioner for Entrepreneurs' Rights of the Russian Federation.

Invited speakers:

Patrik Antoni, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ingka Group Russia (online);

Konstantin Babkin, Chairman of the Federal Council of the Partiya Dela (Party of Business) All-Russian Political Party, President of the New Commonwealth Industrial Union and the Rosspetsmash Association, Chairman of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Council for Industrial Development and Competitiveness of the Russian Economy;

Ksenia Bezuglova, Winner of the Miss World 2013 for Women in Wheelchairs, Member of the Council on Guardianship under the Government of the Russian Federation, Member of the Commission for Disabled People under the President of the Russian Federation, Head of an International Magazine, Athlete, Winner of the Vertical Model Contest for Wheelchair Users (online);

Aleksandr Buksman, First Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation;

Arkady Dvorkovich, Chairman of the Skolkovo Foundation;

Vladislav Inozemtsev, Russian Economist, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Founder of the Center for Post-Industrial Society Studies;

Yakov Mirkin, Head of the International Capital Markets Department at IMEMO of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Institute for the Economy of Growth named after P.A. Stolypin (online);

Fredrik Reinfeldt, Swedish Politician, Former Prime Minister of Sweden (2006-2014) (online);

Ilya Sachkov, Founder and Director General of Group-IB;

Viktor Semenov, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Belaya Dacha JSC;

Vadim Sorokin, President and CEO of GAZ Group (online).