Transit through Russia. Overcoming Boundaries
September 10th 2021, 14:30-16:00
Russia obviously has the highest transit potential between Europe and Asia due to its geographic location. However, we still have a centralized system of transport and logistics complex focused on the Capital Region and major federal entities, with the sea route being the main transport and logistics artery for European Asian traffic. At the same time, we cannot overlook the projects for developing transit land routes alternative to the Russian ones that are gaining momentum.

In Russia, implementing such federal projects as Railway Transport and Transit, Northern Sea Route, and International Trade Logistics is now on the agenda, together with consolidating the efforts of the state and business to realize the transit potential.

  • What should Russia do not to miss the chance to become the transport and logistics artery of Eurasia?
  • How to effectively respond to transit traffic development and how to meet the global demand?
  • How to develop Russia's transport infrastructure to ensure the necessary demand?
  • Which support measures do the Russian transport industry need today to overcome the consequences of the pandemic?

Vladimir Kosoy, President of Infrastructure Economics Centre (IEC)

Invited speakers:
Sergey Avseykov, Executive Director of the Eurasian Union of Rail Freight Transport Participants
Alevtina Kirillova, Head of the Project Office - Deputy Director General of Russian Railways Logistics JSC
Pavel Skachkov, Vice-President for Economics and Finance of TransContainer PJSC
Vladimir Sushkov, Member of the Board of the Consortium of China-Kazakhstan-Russia-Europe Railway