Marketplaces. How to Effectively Use the Available Technologies of Communication with Consumers
September 10th 2021, 16:15-17:45
The marketplace is the most popular e-commerce business model. The total revenue of the five largest Russian marketplaces in 2020 was 355 billion rubles. This trend has not bypassed the banking sector either. More and more banks are beginning to offer other companies' products through their websites and mobile applications, forming marketplaces. Despite this, independent marketplaces that sell banking products are also emerging.

What is the future of marketplaces? What technologies are needed to build a marketplace and develop an ecosystem? How to create a successful marketplace and how to maintain healthy competition? How to make it profitable for the client and the entrepreneur? What are the pros and cons of developing marketplaces for consumers and businesses?

Sergey Egorushkin, President of ATTC

Invited speakers:
Nikolay Barkov, Head of the Project Office of the Main Control Directorate of Moscow
Dmitry Moskalenko, President of the Russian Council of Shopping Centers
Oleg Nevorotov, Co-Founder and CEO of UPMARKET
Mark Peng, Board Member of Sunrise Import-Export Trade co. Ltd.
Dmitry Selikhov, Business Development Director at Aliexpress Russia