Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. To Fall or to Do Push-ups
September 9th 2021, 10:00-11:30
Small and medium-sized enterprises both in Russia and in the world have suffered losses due to the coronavirus pandemic. The sector's transformation processes have started. Some businesses managed to revise their strategy and find new niches, while others failed and are drowning in bankruptcy cases.

Traditionally, even before the pandemic, the SME sector in Russia was smaller than in other key economies in the world. How are small and medium-sized enterprises feeling in the second year of the pandemic? What specific traits have allowed SMEs in Russia to survive amid the severe consequences of the economic shock? Will changes in the national project help this sector, and will SMEs take the leading position in the economy?


Sergey Mironov, Restaurateur, Founder of the Meat & Fish Restaurants, President of the Union of Restaurant Managers of Russia, Vice-President of the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia;

Anastasia Tatulova, Ombudsman for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, Founder and Owner of AnderSon Family Café Chain.

Invited speakers:

Anton Alikhanov, Governor of the Kaliningrad Region;

Anton Kuprinov, Executive Director of Moscow Small Business Credit Assistance Fund;

Anatoly Maltsan, Head of the Department for Ensuring the Activities of the Headquarters for the Protection of the Rights and Legal Interests of Investors and Entrepreneurs of Moscow;

Dmitry Potapenko, Russian Entrepreneur;

Dzhamilya Sozaeva, Head of the Educational Programs Department of the United Electronic Trading Platform JSC (ROSELTORG).