The Middle Class. Low Costs or a Rich Consumer, How to Find the Right Balance?
September 9th 2021, 14:30-16:00
With the support of the Institute for the Economy of Growth named after Stolypin P.A.

The global experience of economic growth strategies indicates that there are two key paths for starting out. One is typical of the post-war reconstruction of Europe and Japan - the path of high incomes, a large domestic market, and a developed middle class. In this scenario, development is initially focused on domestic demand, followed by trade and investment expansion abroad.

The second one is the way of the Asian Tigers: starting with low costs, weak demand, and export orientation. This path leads to the emergence of the middle class, though delayed for 15-25 years.

Which path is preferable for Russia, and what are the objective preconditions for each of them?


Vladislav Onishchenko, President of СSR (Center for Strategic Research)

Invited speakers:

Natalia Akindinova,
Director of the HSE Centre of Development Institute, Member of the HSE Academic Council;

Rakhim Oshakbayev, Director of TALAP Center for Applied Research;

Kirill Purtov, Moscow Government Minister and Head of the Department of Economic Policy and Development;

Alexander Safonov, Vice-Rector for Strategy and Work with Authorities at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation;

Alexander Shirov, Director of the Institute of Economic Forecasting of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IEF RAS), Head of the Analysis, Production Potential Forecasting and Cross industry Cooperation Lab;

Mikhail Sukhov, Director General of the Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA);

Elena Ulyanova, Deputy of the Tomsk City Duma, Founder and President of the Equality of Opportunities Foundation.