Banking 4.0
September 3d 2020, 11:30-12:40
The financial sector, being one of the most conservative sectors of the economy, faced with a fundamentally new challenge in the context of Covid-19: a sharp increase in both commercial and retail non-performing loans, a decrease in revenues due to a sharp decrease in the key rate, a drop-in consumer demand and business activity of organizations, as well as restrictions on personal communication with customers.

The situation requires new solutions to support the economy, reduce the risk of non-payment and maintain the working capital of companies.

At the same time, new technologies for processing big data, artificial intelligence, the introduction of cryptocurrencies, the explosive development of technology platforms have prompted banks to radically revise their system of interaction with the real sector - clients representing both the corporate sector and individuals.

Within the panel discussion "Banking 4.0", Russian and foreign experts will present experience in transforming the banking sector in the context of Covid-19.

What are the most promising solutions for the successful functioning of the sector were developed during the coronavirus pandemic? Can the banking sector learn the lessons and continue digitalization? What will the banking sector look like in 5-10 years?

With the support of
PAO Sberbank