Denis Remenyako

Born on August 13, 1978

Education – Higher, Legal

Fluent in English

In 2002 founded a trading pharmaceutical company FC Grand Capital cooperating directly with manufacturing plants in Russia, Belarus and CIS countries,

In 2006 fixed a strategy aimed at expanding the network of partners by initiating the cooperation with foreign pharmaceutical companies which stimulated the growth in number of clients and extended the product range.

In 2014 implemented the practice of insuring the accounts receivable based on international pharmaceutical companies' experience which contributed to an active growth of the Company.

In 2018 by initiative of Denis Remenyako with purpose to support small retail pharmacy business the special web-portal named "Capital" for pharmacies and manufacturers was created. It allowed to form a mechanism of business cooperation between major drug manufacturers and retail pharmacies enabling small businesses to receive extra profit and maintaining the stable assortment of essential medicines in many regions of the country. More than 35000 pharmacies have become the participants.

Presently major world manufacturers of medicines and largest pharmacy chains are among partners of FC Grand Capital. Affiliates chain covers the territory from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok enabling Grand Capital to be the Federal distributor.

For several years running FC Grand Capital is in TOP-50 list of most rapidly growing companies and in TOP-500 list of biggest players in Russia's business.

The turnover of the company in 2019 amounted to 70 billion Rubles.

The staff of the company constitutes over 1500 persons which makes FC Grand Capital one of the largest employers in the country.

Main goals of Denis Remenyako for the nearest future are to continue the public work in forming and modernizing of mechanisms for regulation of medicines market operation considering interests of Russian manufacturers and to create basic principles for provision of Russian Citizens with affordable medicines anywhere in the country.

Denis Remenyako is one of the initiators of professional motorsport development in Russia. As part of this project, the "Capital RT" racing team has been created to participate in international competitions under the flag of the Russian Federation, as well as to arrange international motorsport competitions in Russia.