Food Industry – Innovative Business Formats
September 4th 2020, 14:30-16:00
Worldwide, the food industry has proven to be one of the most affected sectors of the economy. One of the few ways of survival of this industry is the active introduction of digital technologies, changing the formats for the provision of services and the principles of interacting with customers — ready-to-eat food factories, contactless trading in vending machines, and automation of food dishes based on consumer choice.

During the spread of coronavirus infection, technologies of food production has changed, the form of their presentation has changed. The markets continue to develop services for the delivery, rating of enterprises in the industry stimulating consumer demand through the development of platform companies and integrator companies.

New formats have already begun to be introduced everywhere in many countries, but the current system of regulations of the industry in Russia actually blocks the introduction of innovations. What is the experience of countries in changing models of quality control and product safety? How is it possible to integrate AI, big data and robots in food production? How to improve the quality and safety of food in Covid-19? Is government control and supervision of the digitalization of the Food Industry needed and could the consumers be involved in the control?