New education for new generations
September 4th 2020, 14:30-16:00
Like many other industries, the education sector as a result of the coronavirus pandemic has also been substantially transformed, and new digital tools and platforms have become an integral part of the educational process.

Moreover, studies show that online learning increases the assimilation of information and takes less time, which means that certain mechanisms that are used now may remain after the pandemic.

As a result of accelerated technological development, traditional forms of education can no longer provide entire sectors of the economy with high-quality and qualified personnel. As a result, many entrepreneurs completely abandon the traditional formats, in favor of accessible, quickly updated, flexible and personalized education formats - digital educational platforms, public lectures by practitioners, internship and training programs.

What will education look like in the post-coronavirus world? What digital technologies will occupy a full-fledged place in the educational system and how to ensure the availability of new educational technologies for the masses?

With the support of MGIMO