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In 2017, Boris Titov and the Institute for the Economy of Growth named after P.A. Stolypin presented the Medium-Term Program for Socio-Economic Development of Russia up to 2025 – "Growth Strategy".
In 2019 in accordance with the Instruction of the President of the Russian Federation, on the basis of the "Growth Strategy" our team has elaborated the "Road map" for ensuring sustainable economic growth in the non-resource-based sector of the Russian economy. More than 1 000 experts and appropriate enterprises have participated in the preparation of the document.

The "Road map" includes 9 pivotal non-resource-based sectors of the Russian economy, which have the biggest growth potential and multiplier effect on the economy and social sector.

The Draft of the "Road Map" was introduced to the President of the Russian Federation within the framework of the Stolypin Forum in May, 2019.
The main KPIs from the previously developed "Growth Strategy" in 2018 were included in the Decree and the Message of the President of the Russian Federation to the Federal Assembly. It was recognized that the key objectives of economic policy are: the entry of the Russian Federation among the five largest economies in the world and economic growth rates higher than average in the world economy.
Peter Arkadyevich Stolypin
Chairman of the government 1906 - 1911
Key reforms in Russia were carried out under the leadership of Stolypin at the beginning of the 20th century:
Dynamics of growth as result of Stolypin's reforms
1st place
In the World in production and export of grain
Growth of industrial production per year
Increase of expenses for people's education
Population growth of 32 million people in Russia
Formation of the psychology of a private owner, an owner of a land, the development of private initiative, competition
Agrarian reform
Local government reform
Judicial reform
If the outlined trends continue up to 1950, Russia will dominate in Europe from political, economic and financial points of view by the middle of this century.
Edmond Teri, French economist, sent by the French government to study the Russian economy in 1912
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