Industrial design and young engineers – a new quality of industry
September 4th 2020, 12:30-13:40
Traditionally, industrial design was considered as one of the main tools to increase the competitiveness of manufactured products, but after the spread of coronavirus infection, this sector became one of the key in reconfiguring production to new consumer needs.

Industrial designers have become the main source of new ideas in everything related to the creation of creative, affordable, modern and ergonomic products, including medical supplies. Thanks to their ideas, 3D modeling and the creation of autonomous digital factories ready to create customized solutions began to be introduced into the production process.

The development of industrial design is inextricably linked with the digitalization of the sector - today integrated platforms are being created with templates for modeling and printing the most popular products.

That is why industrial design centers today are becoming collective use centers, allowing a wide range of industrial enterprises from different sectors of the economy to bring their products to new level.

What is the place of industrial design in the post-coronavirus world? How will the development of industrial design affect changes in global supply chains? Will industrial design become an integral part of any manufacturing process?