Growing high-tech companies - competition between countries and megacities
September 4th 2020, 12:30-13:40
Since the beginning of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus infection, many countries, as part of programs for economic recovery and ensuring further sustainable economic growth, have begun to highlight high-tech companies as a key driver of strengthening the immune system of industries and the economy as a whole.

The central place in the framework of economic policy aimed at stimulating high-tech companies, in fact, in all countries is occupied by the largest cities - megalopolises, which implement tax support measures, provide access to debt financing, remove administrative barriers, remove regulatory barriers, create special technology parks, etc.

Given the fact that it is the companies that are becoming the key to economic growth, competition arises between the largest megacities in the world to grow high-tech companies - world leaders in their field. As part of the panel discussion, representatives of government authorities, development institutions, the expert community and the most successful entrepreneurs will discuss the key factors of success in competing for the creation and development of high-tech companies in countries and megacities.

What are the key success factors in competing for the growth of high-tech companies? Is "smart specialization" and cooperation possible within the framework of the competition of megacities for the creation of high-tech companies? What ways of stimulating companies to innovate are possible and applied? What are the best Russian and foreign practices implemented?

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